The emblematic Dakatine brand is getting a fresh new look!

A competition won by Trapèze!

The challenge

How do we energise the historic peanut paste brand Dakatine while launching a new complementary Dakatine 2.0 peanut butter?

Our solution

Extend the two ranges with a design landscape and names that set both apart for their two very specific uses.

Keep a cross-range Dakatine logo for both lines, modernised for the occasion and reinject the “made in France since 1952” expertise.

The result

A facelift for the iconic Dakatine product which became “Dakatine L’originale”. A new design that capitalises on its historic codes to avoid losing brand recognition and promotes the deliciousness of this cooking ingredient and its advantages (vegan, no added sugar, source of protein, etc.).

Creation of a new range called “Cacahuète Lovers” with a more minimalistic design to target new peanut butter consumers like sportspeople, vegans, flexitarians, etc. With a short list of ingredients and two varieties, “Organic” and “Peanut pieces”, this new 100% peanut range will delight consumers looking for delicious flavour and energy!

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*Strategic assistance and naming research working in partnership with the Mademoiselle Mr strategy agency.