La Salvetat


“Salvetois proverbs” are on the table
with the new La Salvetat bottles!

The challenge

How can we re-engage La Salvetat consumers and boost brand proximity using packaging as an expressive device?

Trapèze set up a co-creative workshop with the brand and strategy workshop Mademoiselle Mr to strengthen the brand’s storytelling and reinforce its fun tone of voice.

Our solution

Our strategic and creative proposal:

Humanise the brand by creating “Salvetois proverbs” highlighting the brand’s original village and its 2 pillars of engagement:

– The natural composition of the water, less salty than other natural sparkling waters on the market. – Its commitment to being active, through its partnership with the French Hiking Federation.

To illustrate this new brand language Trapèze created a design landscape where the storytelling revolves around the bottle of La Salvetat in fun, “bubbly” drawings and a range of 3 new labels.

Do you speak Salvetois?