Passionate about olives since 1863!

A competition won by Trapèze!
The challenge

As part of Tramier’s repositioning campaign, Trapèze was asked to create the new packaging identity for the entire Olive range that has over 40 product references.

How do we connect Tramier’s old design identity & the brand’s new DNA that embodies the values of naturalness, generosity, optimism and honesty?

Our solution

Our starting point: reveal the Tramier brand in a unique way by enriching its brand experience and content. In other words, confer meaning and emotion to its packaging.

Capitalise on 2 design codes:

  • the olive branch, the very origin of olives,
  • and olive wood, a noble and authentic material.

A packaging structure that connects with the old design identity in a natural and simplistic way but with meaning!

*Strategic assistance and naming research working in partnership with the Mademoiselle Mr strategy agency.