Danone Eaux France


NEW: small evian & Volvic bottles

are now made from 100% recycled materials!

A competition won by Trapèze!

The challenge

How can we talk to consumers about recycled plastic (r-PET) in an aspirational and understandable way while remaining firmly established in the evian and Volvic landscape?

Our solution

Trapèze sees beyond the container. It’s not just a simple plastic bottle. It represents Danone’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact!

Creation of an evian & Volvic Key Visual illustrating the transition of every on-the-go bottle (smaller or equal to 750ml) to 100% recycled plastic (r-PET). Presence of this advertising visual in every corporate message from the Danone Group. To extend the experience to points-of-sale, this concept was rolled out to with promotions for mass retail and impulse purchase

One small bottle for people, one giant step for nature!

*Strategic assistance and naming research working in partnership with the Mademoiselle Mr strategy agency